Semper Fi Sweetie
Why hello there! Thanks for stopping by! My names Megan, friends call me MayMay. I plan on becoming a nurse! And I am a future MILSO, my boyfriend is a United States Marine in training and I love him more then words could explain...Its a semper fi kind of love
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OohRah! Doesn't even begin to describe what I do for him...<3

Sunset Beach by Tianna Chantal

Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m a photographer from New York City currently based in Brooklyn. I mostly document neighborhoods and shoot landscapes with a creative twist and a childlike curiosity. 
Some more of my work can be found here:

I so want this shirt
you can’t deny
you want it too

I know you want it…


Me every time I watch Supernatural:image

Sam and Ruby

So…am I the only one that loves the way Sam is when he gets with a chick? Anyone else notice how rough he is? ;) I wouldn’t mind being Ruby for a bit ;D

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